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the Mid-American advanced Umpire Clinic

while at the Mid-American advanced umpire clinic

You will:


  • Receive individual plate instruction utilizing pitching machines.
  • Understand and develop a consistent strike zone.
  • Receive individual and group instruction on the 3-umpire system.
  • Receive instruction on positioning, timing, voice and signals when working the plate and bases.
  • Develop methods for handling situations at the collegiate level.
  • Examine and apply college rules and their interpretations.
  • Analyze the philosophy towards collegiate umpiring; including attitude, appearance and advancement.
  • Receive a clinic gift and student manual.

Mid-American Advanced Umpire Clinic

Mailing Address:

1541 S. Quail Ave.

Springfield, MO  65807


Phone: (417) 496-3627



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